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lThe rain was heavy in Texas and everyone pitched in to shovel stinky fly covered manure.

Who knew mucking stalls could be such a cathartic experience. It was perfect timing after being on the receiving end of a hateful verbal assault.

The words stung and smelled and brought a bitter taste to my mouth as I breathed in the fumes of vitriol thoughts of another.

The pungent odor assaulted my nose and eyes as the scene flashed before my mind.

What happened to bring this upon myself?

Verbal offenses usually bounce off me, but this one stung.

The delivery was akin to vomit all over me.

In other words poor delivery, but yes I got the message.

How can I remove this branding from my brain?

What actually works to remove filth from your mind?

Unwholesome images and words the Lord does not want you to own.

Walking out the door before heading off to the barn, a dear friend

Linda Z. called and prayed over the phone with me.

I could hear the whipping pages of her bible as she spoke these words over me to our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Silence the ugliness…God your blood has set us apart. This is an opportunity. I surrender. Vengeance is yours. May truth knock them over. The words will not hinder nor rob Trish anymore. She is the daughter of a King and you dance over her. (Referencing Zephaniah 3:17) Trish has things to do for the Lord and she will not carry this with her. This is not for her she is in service to the King (Galatians 5) this thing before her is a horror movie and she will set no vile thing before her eyes. ”

Thank you Jesus.

We worked hard for about three hours filling wheelbarrows and tossing the contents over a cliff.

My back was not sore at all the next day.

It was exhilarating and my strength renewed.



*Today‘s blog is in honor of my dear friend Linda Znachko.

Linda ministers and touches lives all over the globe speaking and serving the Lord.

God illumines all she touches.

Her work exists to help make sure that every child receives a name in life.  Isaiah 43