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Friday morning, I worked diligently setting up my first baby shower here in Texas. I enjoy hosting women’s events, bridal showers, teas, birthdays, etc.  Ann has convicted me of making do and I did not have my copper or silver cleaner after our move from Arizona.  We were not able to move any cleaning supplies, so it was another case of having to make do.  I learned through a quick Google search that adding a cup of vinegar and a cup of salt to a large boiling pot of water would remove the tarnish from my copper tea kettle.  The instructions were so simple it was hard to believe: “Boil item in pot for two hours. ”  HAHA …are you kidding me?  Two hours later I was astounded to see my kettle looking presentable for the shower. 

I pulled out my silver and tried the same thing.  I learned in my search that I could line a pan with foil, pour baking soda all over the item and top off with boiling water to cover.  Once again I thought there was no way this could work.  I save foil because my husband’s grandmother who lived during the Great Depression taught me the value of reusing foil by cleaning and saving it.  I have a hard time reusing it, but I am persisting in my effort to honor her frugality. To my suprise yet again,  I waited and watched all the tarnish fall off a pan full of silverware.  How could this be?  Why had I wasted so much of my time in the past polishing?   

Thank you Ann Kroeker!  Making do is once again eco-friendly!