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Does God speak to you? Does He speak audibly, to our hearts and through His Words? I was pulling out of the parking lot anxious to drive straight home and relax after a long day at the office. Although it wasn’t audible or out loud I heard God encourage me in my heart to drop another gift card on the young Mom’s porch and also add a potted flowering plant. I followed God’s gentle urge, and although exhausted I was strangely energized as I hauled my sweaty and probably not so fragrant self to the HEB. I was filled with joy as I placed the beautiful heavenly scented potted gardenia and gift card upon her porch. I later shared at bible study and together we filled a big wicker basket filled with gift cards over the next week. I may never meet this young Mom but she is now on my heart and I’m open to God leading me to place whatever He wants me to place on her steps.