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After 100 degree temperatures all summer in Austin and very little rain, water poured from our big Texas sky all week. The neighborhood flowers and trees sprang back to life. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a violet flower and I caught a whiff of it’s intoxicating scent. I could not believe it, a wisteria was blooming in September. There were only a few cascades of the sweet fragrant purple blooms peaking out from a large tangerine trumpet vine. I pulled my bike hesitantly near the vine. This particular neighbor whipped open her front door ran across her lush emerald zoysia lawn and yelled one day when our 14 pound dog piddled on her lawn. Apparently all the dogs loved the spot and her grass was dying. I waived politely and for the last several years simply crossed the street and stayed away, even though our sweet Daisy has long since passed and even when I was on my bike. Since she is a couple blocks over, unfortunately, this was my last interaction. This is all I know of her.

“You answer us in righteousness, with awe-inspiring works” Psalm 65 verse 5.

This small sighting of great awe-inspiring beauty has me now bravely walking on her sidewalk and sniffing the wisteria on her wall. Maybe there will be another chance for us to meet. The wisteria had a second chance to bloom, so perhaps she and I will have a second chance.