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A friend of mine brought an enormous sack of organic, non-gmo potatoes to share with our church family at Hope Bible Fellowship.

Charise encourages me every day through her posts to add healthy rich herbs and spices with natural antibiotics to give my system a boost.

We have a  health-conscious congregation and it was a great blessing to everyone.

As you can see from my recipes, I’m not as careful as most  cooks in the church.

I love to use butter, and sour cream and cheese.
I decided to make a potato dish every day.

It was fun to get creative, challenge myself in my cooking (which can get lazy) as I make my favorites over and over.
Monday – Cubed and sautéed potatoes with pumpkin to serve with the morning eggs with thyme.
Tuesday – Mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, thyme, and sour cream and butter.      photo (22)
Wednesday – Scalloped potatoes with garlic, chili powder…extra cheesy!
Thursday – Baked potatoes with basil and garlic.
Friday – Boiled potatoes served with peas, fresh mint and pats of butter.
Saturday – Baked steak fries in the oven topped with rosemary.

Weighed myself Sunday morning and I had magically lost 3 pounds eating potatoes!

God Bless Charise for sharing the goodness of God’s great bounty!