A little fright for October!

Trish Southard

Autumn LeavesWhile driving my Cross-country runner and friends to school I realized I forgot to line my lips. I reached into my make up bag, grabbed the lip liner, and while driving , perfectly lined my lips… with Loreal khol black eye liner. The girls, apparently the only ones in the car who were wide awake, had a good laugh.  I batted my eyes and smiled widely for them in the rear view mirror saying “Girls, what do you think I’ve done?”  Both screamed so hard they could barely respond.

I usually put on Rimmels, East End Snob, or Wild Clover first thing in the morning and Chapstick the rest of the day, but what if we lined our mornings with dark thoughts and dark things?   We’d have a very difficult time shaking off the covers, and greeting the family, not to mention the people we work with and our neighbors as we scoop up our morning papers.


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