1. Be prepared. Buy your pumpkin early in the month.

Last year I waited till October 31st to select a pumpkin. Walking up to HEB  all I could see were Cinderella Pumpkins. I lifted the heavy, fancy pumpkin, a watermelon, paid, and drove home dejected.

I picked up pumpkins for everyone in the moms class last week and gave them the pumpkin prayer.

I did not tell them of last years pumpkin shortage.

Todd said he would be unable to carve the fancy squash, but how about Larry the Cucumber with the watermelon? The trick or treaters loved it and enjoyed having their photos taken with Larry. I cowered in the dark humiliated as  friends walked by.  Over and over I explained I did not buy a pumpkin early enough in the month. One friend laughed hysterically

“Girl you have got to get it together next year, you are living in Texas now”

2.Have faith in others abilities. I have handed off pumpkin carving for 26 years. I have faith in Todd’s carving abilities.

Know when to let the experts step in.

3. Be ready with cold drinks, newspapers, a fall snack of some sort. I plan to drop by the Bee’s Knees in Cedar Park for a couple of tasty gluten-free snacks for my skilled carver. Avoid the carving area by snapping photos and appearing  busy by washing pumpkin seeds in the kitchen.

4. Tell stories from earlier years. One year we served hotdogs.  “Halloweenies” are still spoken of fondly on our old street in Lake Forest.

5. If someone asks you to carve a pumpkin and the whole thing makes you nervous. Don’t.