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God allows us to walk through circumstances so that we can better minister to others.   As I begin a new Moms Class this Fall I have found myself thinking “How will I teach the moms about quiet time as I no longer have days filled with diaper changes and late night bottles? How will my experiences contribute to where they are in their current circumstance?”

Last week was simply insane, and moving into Saturday I was so busy I forgot to eat.  later that same evening I received a call from one of the moms and it was then that I realized that the last time I had eaten was the day before.  Oh how I had compassion for my friends with little ones in that moment.

I was experiencing in some small way, the busyness of their everyday lives.

So here is a practical tip for time with the Lord.

Cynthia Heald coaches to keep everything in your “tent”.  Exodus 33 gives reference to Moses meeting with God in the tent of meeting.  What your tent looks like on any given day is up to you. I have a black fabric laptop case that has my Bible, Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost for His Highest”, my YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Personal Prayer Diary Planner, a note pad and an inspirational book I’m reading. I have a tiny handbag I tuck into my briefcase and away I go.  When stopped in line at the bank, waiting to meet someone, or the parking lot at school, I pull something from my tent and let God speak to me through His Words.

As I write to you it is thundering overhead. Think of the tent as your shelter from storms.

My Mom’s class teaching was brief.

Calm down and be quiet before Him. Referencing Isaiah 7.

Ann Kroeker recommended we spend the hour in silence alone with the Lord, with a journal and a Bible.

And so we did.

The week ended at Grief Group where we all lit candles and softly whispered our beloved’s name and sat still watching the flames and the smoke rise to heaven.