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I’m ready for fall.

I just saw one singular gold leaf cascade down from the sky as I was strolling this morning.  The air crisp and the sun piercing through, it  seemed to light up the little brown leaf as it tumbled from heaven…like a little gift just for me.

HE notices me.

While attending my Grief Group yesterday I shared about my sister Peg and all her great accomplishments. How much I miss her, and how she always noticed little details about me. She knew fall was my favorite time of year.

It was so great to share and be heard.

Fall is a time of rejuvenation for me. I eat healthier, hike more often, and my writing is more structured as my days are more scheduled.

I’ll be revisiting a favorite book “Contemplative Mom” by Ann Kroeker with a group of Mom’s on Tuesday mornings.
I hope you’ll join me wherever you live in the world and begin the season by setting aside private moments with Jesus.


When you are caught in the grip of a mood, go stand before the Lord, and (like Elijah) stay there, until the storm passes over and you hear the still small voice of God.

Shirley Rice

Allow Him to step into all aspects of your life.
I’m a woman of letters old and new, my first this fall will be to the Lord….

Listen and study and put into practice the disciplines of Jesus.

He sets my day. He informs my work.

Join me.

Quote from Cynthia Heald’s “Loving Your Husband” page 75, Shirley Rice, The Christian Home:A Woman’s View (Norfolk, Va.; The Tabernacle Church of Norfolk, 1965) pages 49, 52-53
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