We have a nice crop of okra in our garden.

Then He will send rain for your seed that you have sown in the ground, and the food, the produce of the ground, will be rich and plentiful.  Isaiah 30:29 HCSB


It is one of the simplest side dishes to prepare for your family or friends.

Rinse well and slice pods.

Dip in egg yolk.

Place okra in a bowl of flour with salt and pepper. (Cornmeal is a nice substitute as a  gluten-free option)

Shake bowl tossing okra liberally with flour.

Toss a drop of water in the oil to make sure it is sizzling hot.

Fry in a couple of inches of oil till golden brown ( about ten minutes).

Let okra cool slightly on newspaper before serving.

 Serve with iced tea.

Perfect summer dish.

May the peace of God be with you…

The love of Jesus enfold you…

And the Spirit of Christ fill you.