We have a new restaurant in Austin.  We have stopped by three times to Niki’s Pizza at 508 N. Bell Blvd. Cedar Park, TX 78613.  

The lovely couple who own it are from Italy and make authentic Italian cuisine.  We enjoyed a calzone and pizza as we saw them stroll away hand in hand on Bell Blvd. as the sun set thursday evening. ( We traditionally have pasta every thursday evening)  The Chicken Piccata,Chicken Marsala, Shrimp Fradiavio, Linguini FruttiDi Mare, Lobster Ravioli and many other vast selections on the menu are the best we’ve ever had and Todd considers himself an authority on such matters after living in New York and New Jersey.  They toss the dough and you can peak in the kitchen just like Shakee’s when we were growing up.   My favorite part of the experience is the heavenly smell as you pull into the parking lot.  For some reason I have not gained weight eating there so often and I’m wondering if the added blessing of fresh wholesome ingredients are the  cause. 

Speaking of Italy….it shows up in the Bible in Acts 18:2, Acts 27: 1,6 and Hebrews 13:24

Greet all your leaders and all the saints.  Those who are from Italy greet you.     HSB

Grace be with all of you,


P.S.  I went back for dessert  …. we tried cannolis, cheesecake and of course the Tiramisu.  We have a new tradition in our family with Niki’s.  Prepare yourselves for a healthier, more satisfying future enjoying the art of Italian cooking!