Without Mom there are cobwebs on the stairs going down to the beach.

 Without Mom the stars seem a little more out of reach.

 Without Mom the Carolina sky is not so blue.

Without Mom I don’t know what to do.

Without Mom the smell of the ocean is not so sweet.

Without out Mom I don’t know what we’ll eat.

 Without Mom my Dad has lost his soul mate.

 Without Mom that is the thought I really hate.

Without Mom my heart begins to sink.

Without Mom Christmas will never be the same.

 Without Mom the world is a harder place to tame.

 Without Mom my life becomes a search.

 Without Mom there’s no one to make me go to church.

 Without Mom there is no one to tell me not to drink.

Without Mom the house is starting to stink.

Without Mom there are Yankees coming over the dunes.

 Without Mom there are no more piano tunes.

Without Mom my brothers have lost their Mother.

 Without Mom there will never be another.

Without Mom the world has lost a friend.

 Without Mom it looks like this is the end.

Without Mom there are no more cards to read.

Without Mom she was the only one I really did need.

 Without  Mom the sunrise is not so bright.

Without Mom I hope I don’t lose sight.

Without Mom there are no more stories to share.

Without Mom I won’t know what to wear.

Without Mom there is no one to tell me how to treat a lady.

Without Mom they all seem a little shady.

Without Mom the grand kids will have to do without.

Without Mom that makes me want to shout.

Without Mom the world is not a better place.

Without Mom there is no one up in my face.

Without Mom what will happen to Dad.

Without Mom …that is why I’m sad.

Recited at the funeral of Marilyn Southard, Thursday, October 7th, 2010