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Struggling to find a dessert appropriate for the Park Place

Literary Society (neighborhood Book Club), the above magazine title captured my attention from inside my neighbor’s bin. 

 Wednesday is recycling day in our neighborhood, a magazine “Southern Lady” peaked out at me as I was walking Daisy.

  I was Eve and this was my apple.  If I chose to pick this up, am I recycling, repurposing or stealing?

Do not steal.  Deuteronomy 5 v. 19 HSB

A wee bit gauche,  the question was placed on my Facebook wall in hopes friends would prevent an errant deed on my part, and waited.  Letting on I had it in my possession,  I simply asked “would it be stealing if I was sitting here reading it now?”

Here are the responses I recieved:

Noelle- I would say no.  BUT (lol) if you walk away with it, maybe.Book club

Sharilyn- No way. You are actually recycling it.

Sandy- Nope!  You know what they say about one person’s trash…006

Tim- No.  because once they throw it out it’s no longer their property.

Noelle- Is any compensation paid to the homeowner for his recyclable items? ( in Seattle you get a small sum back)

Tim- Good point, put it back when you are done.

Margaret- I know you will do what is best dear sis, you have an honest and clean heart.

The winning recipe came from my own, BHG  Better Homes and Gardens (New Cook Book) page 81, Blueberry Buckle.

Hoping to hear your thoughts,