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IMG_3872Our family has missed enjoying fried chicken together and we have been unsuccessful creating a mix that tastes like Mee Maws recipe.


We made fried chicken following directions on the package precisely and the chicken was scrumptious, making that wonderful crunch sensation as you bite into it.

The recipe I’m sharing takes the chicken to the level  served in Virginia down in the country.  Ready a bowl with two eggs and a little milk to coat the chicken in before dipping in the batter as per the box. We then rested the batter dipped chicken on a plate for 5 minutes, rolled it on a plate of the dry ingredients that come in the box, and re dipped it in the batter before frying.

Frying chicken is an art form in the south and I’ve found the key is not taking your eyes off it for a second or it gets too brown. Crispy fried chicken cannot be timed, it just has to look right and depending on how hot your oil becomes(most set the fryer to 375 degrees) my fryer broke so it was tricky to gauge the temp and fry.

We drain the excess grease off with old newspapers and serve hot or cold.

The five guys that have developed Choice Batter  have a website http://www.ChoiceBatter.com

We found Choice Batter at Target.

On the top of the box it states it is USDA patented batter.

Five guys with a fryer founded Crisp Tek in response to consumer demand for reducing fat in their diets, as well as the need for gluten-free and allergen-friendly cooking alternatives.

Well done men.

This Mom is very grateful, teen choice winner of the week!