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This past week I’ve suffered from Cedar Fever.

Sleep is challenging, so I’m resting in God’s Word.                     

Upon thy Word I rest,

so strong, so sure!

So full of comfort blest,

So sweet, so pure!    

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 Francis Ridley Havergal 

I’ve consumed a bit of chai tea to help decongest. Cardamom is a natural decongestant.

Chai is a tea made from  sweet and fragrant cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon  and black tea.
The following is my home-brew free of black tea.
All the medicinal benefits without the jitters.

Two cardamom pods split and ground in a mini processor.

One small ginger about the size of your thumb nail ground in the processor.

Place ground items in tea strainer and sprinkle liberally with cinnamon.

Conquer your Cedar Fever!

Pour hot water over mixture and enjoy!

P.S. Split pods gently with a sharp knife.

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