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I was recently messaged by a very old friend that she would be hosting a wedding shower and would love some of the ideas I’ve used in the past. Pastor’s wives have the privilege of hosting when immediate family live out-of-town. I love to have parties, but hosting showers is hands down my favorite.

1. Mail out a small card for attendees to offer advice for the bride (enclose in the invitation).  Crane paper is best when available.

It is often the funniest moment of the event. Find the heaviest card stock available and within your budget for the invitation and the keepsake card.

2.  Ask an admired and beloved woman in the circle of family/friends to give a short meditation 3-7 minutes on the marriage union and what  they will need and not need from the group as they enter a very challenging transitional stage of their life.   Great quote to include….

I have often regretted my speech- never my silence”     Publius

3. Save all the ribbons from the unwrapped gifts and create a magnificent bouquet for the bride to carry at the rehearsal.   In the south often a substitute bride will be chose from the bridesmaids to serve the honored role in rehearsal.  Growing up in Iowa, of course, I carried my ribbon bouquet.

4. Every bride has a favorite flower. My flower 26 years ago was a deep pink rose…today I still stop as I walk my sweet Daisy and smell the pink roses when they are in bloom here in Texas.

Some brides love camelias’, Gerber daisy’s, hydrangea’s are popular. If at all possible have a few dispersed in the room in a color to match the bridesmaids dresses.

5. The punch must also match the dresses and if sherbet is not available in the color you need…plan ahead and make it yourself. Sherbet in punch is sooo good!

6. Photos of the bride as a little girl. This is just a sweet addition to cause all to pause and reflect on.

7. Display in a side room  a little glimpse of the brides trousseau…perhaps just two outfits…the departing outfit and shoes and the swimsuit, cover up and sandals.

(I recommend brides switch into an outfit when they leave on their honeymoon, this allows for a trusted friend or family member to drop the dress by the cleaners for preparation and storage).

My Uncle Fred and Aunt Bernice from Seattle hosted a party at the hotel where everyone was staying after our Riverboat Cruise wedding reception. We changed into casual dress and it was fun to stop by very briefly to bid goodbye to everyone before we left for Cancun.

8. My friend Barbara Tompkins recommends giving two wrapped frames,  one with the brides family of origin and one with the bride and groom. The gift represents leaving and cleaving.  Stating this in front of the brides family and her fiance’s family is significant. Families can wreak havoc on a new couple when they need time just to separate and solidify as God intended.

The next two suggestions are from Barbara.

9. A monogrammed guest towel. This gift represents serving one another. Barbara suggested this gift also and attaching verses on cards about serving the Lord.

10. Measuring cups… you cannot measure Christ’s love.

P.S. Barb also likes to give two baseball caps to remind the couple no one wins if you are competitive with your spouse.

Marriages grow stronger every day with Christ at the center. Make all your choices with the Word for direction.

Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

Ephesians 4:23 ESV