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These last months have been very sad and physically draining with my beloved sis Peg’s passing. I was able to recover at the home of our friends Worthe and Marie.  Our families have been friends for half a century and we have been best of friends for 20 years. They were our first visitors after our daughter was born. We have shared the wonder and awe of life and highs and lows over the years.  Everyone loves Marie and she is a living breathing example of Proverbs 31:10-31.

Marie is a great cook.   She makes the most amazing hamburgers and homemade pizza, and her very comforting banana pudding dessert I recently enjoyed at her peaceful lakefront home is classic.

The original recipe was probably on a box, but I could not find it so here is how Marie made it.  

Glass Pyrex pan sprayed with Pam

6 bananas  (sliced thin)

1 box of vanilla wafers

2 large boxes of vanilla pudding

6 cups of milk

Make pudding with milk and set aside. Line the bottom of the pan with bananas. Place vanilla wafers on top of the bananas.  Spoon gobs of pudding sporadically over the top… leave enough for another layer. Line another row of bananas and top off with another layer of vanilla wafers.  Spoon remaining pudding and smooth over the top of all.

My pan was too big so I made a quick meringue.

6 egg whites

6 -12 tbs. of sugar

Whip with beater till stiff peaks form.