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Jack called yesterday and asked if he could spend the night. A lifelong friend was gravely ill and he would not make it for dinner, but he looked forward to spending the night and breakfast in the morning. He remembered my husband’s birthday is this weekend and even brought a gift in the midst of a very heavy evening. His friend went home to  Jesus at 10:30 pm.

Jack is a Texan. How do you cook breakfast for a Texan when you are  Iowan?

I began cooking around 7:30am and everything was ready in 15 minutes.

Grill sausage on very hot pan seering all sides…turn to low and place a few slices of french bread in the grease around the sausage. (Texas Toast) Image

Crumble 1 sausage in the bottom of your frying pan, turn up heat and slice garlic very thin and place all around the pan. Lower heat to 4 for gas.Image

Scramble two eggs into the pan…toss generous amounts of cayenne pepper on everything.

Add Cilantro and perhaps some sage or thyme…whatever is available and garnish your plate with salsa.

My husband makes a green chili sauce that is perfect with eggs.

(Recipe is  classified)

Place toast in a covered basket to keep warm and two corn tortilla’s for the eggs.


Elgin Sausage is the only sausage we serve in Texas.