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My friend Becky was joining me for lunch yesterday and with only a quick fifteen minutes to relax I told her I would bring our lunches. The City of Austin is encouraging us to cut plastic from our lives, so in lieu of water bottles, I filled 2 small mason jars with filtered water for our beverage.  Classy.  In a hurry, I slapped together the strangest combination of ingredients and produced a most delicious Kale, hummus and roast beef egg roll wrap.  OK, it doesn’t sound great, but what joy it brought me when I took my first bite.  Turns out Becky couldn’t make it, so I doubled down on this delightful surprise with little worry of consuming too many calories.  Yum!  here’s what I did:

Lay kale leaf flat tearing off stemfof
Place generous dollop of roasted garlic hummus in the center
4-5 slices of roast beef
2 slices of tomato
2 slices of hot pepper jack cheddar
1 tsp. of horseradish (optional)
Wrap contents in wax paper tightly and weight a heavy book or marble if you have it for just a minute or two.
Place contents in egg roll wrap (wheat)and brown slightly in pan with just a drop of vegetable oil.  Substitue any meat, vegetable, evoo, or spring roll wrap (rice) would do nicely also.