Chik fil a is one of our favorite places in town, and I enjoy studying and writing there before work.  My favorite breakfast item is the chicken biscuit.  Your mouth will water as you enter the restaurant and take your first bite.  It is  delicious and not duplicated.  This is my attempt.

Morning came early today at the Southard household. My small claim to fame with my family are my hot breakfasts. Our daughter’s tennis tournament meant leaving the house at 6:45 this morning.

This fast, easy, and protein and carbohydrate packing breakfast recipe calls for a package of Sr. Schubert’ s rolls from the frozen food dept. and two frozen chicken breasts.
Heat frying pan with one tablespoon of oil. Grapeseed is best for flash-fry, but Wesson or evoo will work.fof

Microwave breasts for five minutes or less I cover mine with Saran wrap. Slice while hot and toss into hot pan and brown slightly. Rolls cook five minutes at 350 degrees. Slice roll in half, place a small pat of butter, salt and pepper chicken and serve as a sandwich.

Leftovers are perfect to wrap in foil and take to work for lunch.