Today is January 1st and the house is very quiet.   I’m not scheduled to work until noon at the store where I am always impressed by the customers. They are always polite, kind and thankful, characteristic of the culture of kindness we have found here in Texas.  I have been contemplating past years, and started my reading through the Bible in a year plan again, simply enjoying a celebration of  the Savior of the world.  

Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing.  Proverbs 11:18

He spoke to me through Genesis 1 and 2, Psalm 1, and finally the Message version of Matthew.   Last year was the fastest year of my life though it was the year I focused most on slowing down.  We have now been in Texas exactly one year and to sum up a snapshot of the culture here, we all agree in the Southard family, people here are “Texas friendly.” That’s not a put down of the many other very friendly places we have lived, but a compliment to the exceptional culture of respect found here.  Our daughter now says “Sir” and “Maam”…she picked it up in public school! 

God’s word says your soul is nourished when you are kind.  Proverbs 11:17

One of the kindest people I know is my daughter.  She lovingly cooks and prepares meals when I am not home, and sometimes even when I’m here. 

The photo is her preparation of  Egg Plant Parmesan.

Celebrating in Texas,