Comedic rantings of a pastor’s wife recently moved to Texas…yes that’s me Trish Southard who is suppose to be unpacking boxes and I’ve been packing pounds. Packing pounds is a way to let all of you know when the Lord said “My purpose is to give life in all its fullness” in John 10:10 who knew it would include a full backside. I located our scale in a box yesterday and thought seriously about donating it to the Goodwill. I wondered how the excess fluff and fullness arrived on my posterior, and the lightbulb came on as I veiwed reciepts in my wallet. Our dining establishments this past week have been the following in no particular order….Daylight Donuts, Texas Land and Cattle Company, Smokey Mo’s BBQ, Einsteins, Moonie’s Burger House, Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits, J and J Bar-B-Que and a delicious mexican restaurant El Jardin’s. We also enjoyed and Italian dinner in catered by our friends the Palmers, a Sugar Bowl party and a Fiesta Bowl party. I asked at Moonies if they had a Trader Joe’s in town and the waitress said aaaahhhh honey its way down in south Austin, you best make due with what we have up north Austin it’s about an hours drive south of here.
The spread of girth has even traveled to our smallest furry friend Daisy. She is enjoying a new doggy door. We all noticed as the week progressed here in Austin she is having a harder time getting through. Her front half is fine, her hind quarters are carrying a bit of junk in the trunk. She consumed burgers from various diners on our way to Texas.
Our little Daisy has road poundage catching up to her. I really have no way to spiritualize this experience except to say I’ll probably need to begin fasting and turning to the Lord each time I’m tempted to turn into Moonie’s.

 I failed to mention almost all these yummy Texas establishments are within walking distance of our lovely home, my friend Ann Kroeker prayed specifically for a home close to the town center.  I have walked to Daylight Donuts.
So I’m gonna name it and claim it today …Exodus 14:13
“Don’t be afraid. Just stand where you are and watch, and you will see the wonderful way the Lord will rescue you today.”
Father rescue me from the sin of gluttony and allow me to enjoy the delicious food of Austin in moderation.

V. Raymond Edmond said it best…”Some of our shortest prayers are our most effectual ones.”