Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We will be enjoying many great dishes this weekend, but I thought I’d share a simple one I prepare for my family for breakfast.
Prepare rice and beans at least a day before. I am not one to veer from the recipe printed on the bag.
Buy one bag of black beans and one bag of whole grain brown rice.

Scramble two eggs

Prepare Pico de gallo …

1 c cilantro

1 c tomato

3 limes

1 c onion

1/2 scallions

1 clove of garlic

Chop everything and place in a jar squeeze enough lime to make it have a slight kick in flavor and salt and pepper to taste.

Spray a little olive oil on frying pan and place tortilla and layer in a little rice, beans, eggs, pico de gallo and top with another tortilla and weight with the heaviest pan available. My family likes a little cheese on theirs but we have this without cheese and it is muy deliciouso either way.

I served it with a kale juice as a nod to my friend Margaret Turewicz. We spent ten days in Puerta Vallarta and she drank Kale juice every day. Our daughter and I could hardly watch her drink it, but now we understand how great you feel. I mix mine with just a little fruit…apple or berries of any kind in the blender to hide the bitter bite of the kale.