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Our friends, the Adams, in Tucson (fellow frugalista’s) delivered their WSJ to Todd’s office faithfully for four years, a true blessing for our limited budget. When we moved I was unable to find any fellow readers who would save their recycled copies for me.  I asked around, but  no Austin version of the Adam’s family surfaced, so for Christmas this year I asked for a subscription to the WSJ.  I put it on the list, and low and behold the week of Christmas my own copies of WSJ began  arriving to my great surprise and enjoyment, a true gift from my in-laws who understood how strongly I wanted that specific gift.  

The Adam’s were selfless, generous in fact, giving of their time by saving and carrying copies faithfully each week they were in town.  They saved our family hundreds of dollars over the 4 1/2 years we lived in Arizona by sharing what they no longer needed.  All family members lugged the Journal in their Sunday best as a gift to our family.

How does one overcome selfish desires?

Sometimes watching others give selflessly of themselves or something they enjoy like television is helpful.  The Adams, Rod, Mary and there three children are a living  example to our family.  In addition to sharing their news papers, all of them serve the needs of the poor, especially folks who have somehow been marginalized medically, and do so in all the corners of the earth, especially in Kenya.

Thankful for living examples of Christ’s selfless love,