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The Southards are arriving in Corolla, North Carolina for a very joyous occasion, Lee and Marilyn’s 50th Anniversary.

Marilyn starting coming to the Outer Banks in 1948,  she was ten years old.  She and her parents stayed at the Cavalier Motel.

Lee and Marilyn came on their honeymoon to the Outer Banks and stayed at the Whalebone Motel, in Whalebone Junction.  The motel had just opened and they were the first people to stay in it. 

They will celebrate by renewing their vows on Corolla Beach as the sun sets with their son, Reverend Todd Southard, officiating.  A private family dinner catered by “Kelly’s Outer Bank’s Restaurant and Tavern”  serving fresh from the sea favorites such as oysters, clams, shrimp, scallops, crab, sashimi, and the best of Kelly’s award winning delicacies will follow. 

They were married at First Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia.  Marilyn Wood and Lee Southard met in Richmond on a blind date at DSC02686Lakeside Lake in the summer of 1957.  Since then they have raised four sons.  Lee is currently Chairman and Ceo of Vasogenix Pharmaceuticals and Marilyn had been very active with Stonecroft Ministries.  they are also big fans of their six grandchildren, Matt, Allie, Gabbi, Sabrina, Chase and Christian.  The Southards spend a great deal of their time supporting their endeavors. 

Congratulations to Lee and Marilyn and their commitment to each other through high tides, low tides, falling tides and rising tides.  

Don’t come in with an exit plan”  Lee Southard

“God must be the head of your household”  Marilyn Southard

              “A good sense of humor is very important”  Marilyn Southard

We are privileged to honor a rare and great faithfulness to God and to each other as husband and wife for half a century.

Reporting from Dolphin’s Watch,

Trish Southard